China Meheco and Wego Sign Collaboration Agreement

China Meheco Group Co., Ltd. (China Meheco) signed a collaboration agreement with WegoGroup on April 8. The signing ceremony was attended by Li Yadong, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Meheco, Wang Hongxin, General Manager of Meheco, Zhang Huawei, Chairman of Wego Medical Holdings, and Long Jing, President of Wego Group. The two sides exchanged ideas around better serving the “Healthy China” strategy, reaching a wider and deeper strategic cooperation, and promoting the deep integration of R&D, production and sales. Other attendees included Yuan Jinghua, Vice General Manager of China Meheco, Liu Chao, Marketing Director, and the heads of offices (Party Committee Office and General Manager Office), Operation Management Department, Marketing Network Department, China Meheco International Co., Ltd., China Meheco Med-Tech Service Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.